Construction Services

Preliminary Building Inspection

  • Reveal the existing condition of a building
  • Site Conditions: Parking, water run-off, etc.
  • Foundation
  • Structure
  • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing
  • Interior finishes: Are they up to date?
  • Exterior: roof, windows, facade, etc.
  • Prepare a non binding report
  • Assist with negotiation of the deal
  • Identify the issues of repair costs

Preliminary Spatial Planning

  • Identify space needs of client
  • Take a quantitative look at the project
  • Translate them into square feet requirements
  • Now and for future growth
  • Analyze the building for the adaptation
  • Rough floor plan layout
  • Building type
  • Will it fit or can it be remodeled to meet the need

Budgeting & Cost Estimates

  • Develop construction cost budgeting at the preliminary planning stage to achieve projected costs for investment analysis.
  • Identity tenant improvement costs for a potential lease build out prior to final lease negotiations to determine if the allowance is enough for the build out or to identify the additional cost that the tenant will have to spend.
  • Provide a final cost bid based on final architectural plans and specifications.
  • Provide a line item cost spreadsheet that shows all detail of the 16 division construction categories.

Construction Management

Provide management services, on behalf of the owner, to oversee the process of all or part of the following:
  • Identify and qualify and architect and contractor
  • Review and guide the Architectural and Engineering process
  • Review prime and subcontracts
  • Create or review critical path schedules
  • Review costs estimates and bids
  • Monitor construction and change orders

Contractor Services

  • Provide full service construction contracting from bid through completion
  • Interior build out of tenant spaces or remodel of existing buildings
  • New buildings from ground up and site development